Outfit7’s Talking Friends Merchandise Aims To Invade Your Closet

I’ve spoken at length about the folks at Outfit7 and how they want their flock of talking animals (and fairies, and bacteria, and robots) to attain an Angry Birds level of ubiquity. While they haven’t quite signed a movie deal yet, Outfit7 has in fact coaxed their furry little cash cows into a new frontier: merchandise.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with New York-based licensing agency Beanstalk, Outfit7 has introduced a full line of Talking Friends-branded swag that kids are bound to shriek incessantly over.

That’s not to say that everything they’ve slapped the Talking Friends logo on is meant for kids. Feel like throwing on a man-sized Talking Tom Cat t-shirt first thing in the morning? Done. Still too cold? Throw on that Talking Tom Cat hoodie you see up there (no, that’s not a Photoshop). How about sipping some coffee out of a Talking Tom Cat mug? No problem. Surely you couldn’t hang a Talking Santa ornament on ye olde Christmas tree, could you? Oh yes you can. I could continue, but you get my point.

Thanks to Beanstalk’s global reach, the full scope of Outfit7-branded swag is pretty impressive. Talking plush toys will are slated to appear in markets worldwide, while certain bits of merchandise are region-specific. In addition to apparel, cold weather gear and novelty items will hit North American shores, while China will get Talking Tomcat footwear.

There’s still a long way to go before Outfit7 catches up to Rovio in terms of sheer pervasiveness, but this licensing deal is a pretty big step forward. Every item they sell is another touchpoint that keeps the Talking Friends in someone’s head — now all they need is a Talking Friends-inspired ball gown to really class things up.