Kickstarter: Cam Crate, A Simple, Rugged, Waterproof Camera Case

The last few times I’ve brought my camera out into the wilderness, I’ve had a few fears regarding its safety. Sure, a foam case will prevent the lens from getting scratched and so on, but what it is mauled by a bear, or we are attacked by werewolves? Most hard cases, like those from Pelican, are reliable but bulky, designed for air travel with multiple lenses, but not hiking or climbing and quick access.

This Kickstarter project, the Cam Crate, hopes to make a simple hardened case for your full-size SLR and its attached lens.

The outside is hard molded plastic, the inside is soft foam, and there’s a nice big water seal and latch to keep the dew out. It should withstand getting hit by rocks, dropped on the trail, and possibly the werewolf thing too. It even floats, so it can get away from vampires (they can’t cross running water).

Right now it will fit a 5D or D7000 or similar-sized camera, but not one with a battery grip or integrated base grip like a 1D. It’s deep enough that a reasonably sized tele or big prime should fit, though I’d check the measurements before going in for it.

It’s got plenty of time left on its Kickstarter counter. It’ll sell for $80 if it’s successful, but the $50 donation level will get you one if you’re willing to buy on faith.