YouSendIt Ups Its Game With New Desktop & Mobile Apps

YouSendIt, a cloud collaboration company that got its start long before “cloud” was cool, is today launching new mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, plus new Mac (beta) and PC desktop clients. The suite of apps will allow users to securely sync files across devices, while also offering unlimited storage.

YouSendIt’s primary value originally came from providing a service that mainly appealed to behind-the-firewall customers who were unable to send large files via email due to Microsoft Exchange limitations. As software developed, for internal corporate I.T. customers and consumers alike, sharing via email became less of a hassle. Attaching a dozen photos to an email, while not the most efficient way to share, is no longer going to guarantee you a bounced email in return.

Plus, there are a number of alternatives to email-based file sharing, especially for consumers, thanks to the rise of social networking services like Facebook, mobile apps, and even good ol’ MMS. That said, consumers have still found value in file storage and syncing services, like, Dropbox, SugarSync, Syncplicity and others, which serve as easy ways to move both personal and work-related files between an increasing number Internet-connected devices.

With YouSendIt’s refresh, the goal is to now cater to this new breed of file sharers, while¬†differentiating¬†its service via its feature set. One notable feature is YouSendIt’s security, which is a huge focus for the company. YouSendit not only encrypts files during transit (which is common), but also while stored on the company’s servers and on the devices themselves. (Dropbox doesn’t do client-side encryption at this time, meanwhile). Files are locked behind a PIN when on mobile devices, too.

In addition to the file-sharing, folder-sharing and collaboration aspects to the service, YouSendIt also allows users to sign documents (such as contracts) online, something that should appeal to the company’s business users.

YouSendIt now has 23.5 million users in 193 countries. Its service is available as a freemium product, with Pro plans starting at $9.99/month. (Pricing details here). To get started, you can download the YouSendIt desktop apps here and the mobile apps here.