Skype For Android Gets Picture And Video Messaging Support

The holidays are drawing ever closer, and with the holidays usually come embarrassing family moments. The folks at Skype, perhaps sensing the potential for capturing some comedic gold around ye old Christmas tree, have updated their Android app with support for picture and video messages.

The functionality works over both WiFi and 3G data connections, so even the most random holiday snafu can be easily sent to your Skype contacts. The update also packs a fix meant for Tegra 2-powered devices that have experienced lower battery life and iffy video quality, so G2x owners will want to get on the ball.

Interestingly, Skype’s Dan Chastney also notes a handful of new devices have been whitelisted for Skype video calling, including the unreleased Motorola DROID4. If that isn’t a big hint that Verizon’s next QWERTY-packing handset will be hitting shelves soon, then I don’t know what is.

If all that talk has got you itching to send some homemade cat videos to your Skype buddies, hit the Android Market to download the update now.