Security Flaw In Windows Phone 7.5 Kills The Messaging Hub (Video)

While most of the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system is playing catch up to Android and iOS, the Messaging Hub truly shines as a stand-out feature. It allows you to thread Facebook messages, IMs and texts all into one unified conversation — exactly what a messaging app should be.

The only problem is that there seems to be a security flaw that disables the Messaging Hub entirely, all from receiving one malicious text.

WinRumors first reported on it this morning, mentioning that the issue has already been reported directly to Microsoft. According to a video of the attack, the message itself isn’t displayed, but the alert tone/vibration occurs at which point the phone instantly reboots. After that, any attempt to open up the Messaging Hub will prove impossible. The attack can also occur with the receipt of a Facebook or Windows Live message.

WinRumors suspects that this isn’t a device-specific bug, but rather an issue with the Windows Phone OS. No word on a fix yet, but we expect to hear something out of Redmond very soon with regards to a fix.