Party Earth Lands $4 Million For Personalized City Guides

Party Earth, a media company that provides reviews, up-to-date calendars and user-generated photos of social venues (i.e. bars, nightclubs, beaches, casinos and whatnot) in a variety of cities throughout the USA and Europe, has secured $4 million in funding from undisclosed investors.

“Party Earth is the best destination online to discover how to have the most fun offline – no matter where, when, or with whom,” claims president and CEO Sam Altman.

The website currently offers tens of thousands of local reviews, photos, events, and videos across 19 cities around the world, from London to Amsterdam, Venice, Barcelona and Munich, as well as major cities in the U.S. like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Party Earth users can discover places to visit and parties based on their personality, current mood, or who they are going out with. This approach allows the company to deliver hyper-targeted member-exclusive offers, product specials, event and venue recommendations, and more.

With this new funding, Party Earth aims to enhance the site by adding social features for users to interact, check in at venues, share their experiences, create their own social calendars, upload photos and video, and more.

Additionally, the company says it is planning a new mobile platform that will “marry geo-location services with its content”, whatever that may mean.