Jotly Lives! Parody App Goes Live In iTunes

You remember Jotly, right? The hilarious and absurd spoof of our mobile/local/social app obsession? To refresh your memory, Jotly’s humor was so on target, people wondered if creator Alex Cornell (founder of Nosh) was actually making fun of Kevin Rose’s Oink with this parody videoHe swears he was not, just of the “proliferation of absolute ridiculousness when it comes to apps and startups these days.”

Well, guess what? Jotly is now an app itself. Says Cornell, “we just couldn’t help ourselves.”

According to Cornell, the folks over at Firespotter Labs (the team behind Nosh) never intended to make Jotly an actual thing. “But with the absurd amount of ‘rate things’ style apps flooding the market after our video came out,” explains Cornell, “we figured it just had to exist for real. The Oink similarity was hilarious, then Stamped…it seemed to just keep getting better and better…”

So the team spun it up over the last couple of weeks, and it’s launching today here in iTunes.

“People can can finally stop making social apps now. Jotly exists for real and the high watermark has been established,” Cornell jokes.

As it turns out, if you like rating random things like hiding spots and space helmets, the app looks pretty good. It’s attractive, well-designed and easy to use. How funny would it be if it actually came out on topo of Oink and Stamped et al. in the whole “rate things” game?

And for more fun, the description in iTunes carries on with Jotly’s sense of humor:

– Search for nearby items. Even if it’s a piece of lint, it might be really awesome. Jotly will help you find it
– Find the best and worst things at any place. Like ducks? Jotly will show you big and little ducks…

Everything about your life is exciting. To everyone. Ever. Download Jotly.

Dude, consider it done.