Humble Indie Bundle 4 Goes Live (And It’s So, So Good)

I may not mention it often, but I’m kind of obsessed with 2D twitch platformer Super Meat Boy. I’ve burned barrels of midnight oil battling my way through its nigh-impossible later levels, played until my hands cramped more times than I can count, and its namesake character is the only thing besides the TechCrunch logo (and the silly AOL inventory sticker) that graces the lid of my laptop.

So when Super Meat Boy shows up in a Humble Indie Bundle with a bunch of other ridiculously good games collectively selling for less than the cost of a footlong sandwich, you just know I’ve gotta write it up. Meet Humble Indie Bundle 4, which is quite possibly the best bundle yet.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Humble Indie Bundle is a charity flash sale of a bundle of indie games. You pay what you want (as low as a penny, if you’re super broke or a total jerk), get a bunch of great games, and then get to choose how the money gets divvied up between the game developers, the charities (Red Cross and Child’s Play), and the Humble Bundle guys. As a bonus, the games are all DRM-free and cross-platform across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The games included this time around:

  • Super Meat Boy
  • Bit.Trip Runner
  • Shank
  • NightSky HD
  • Jamestown

And if you’re kind enough to pay more than the running average (currently $4.58), they’ll throw in Gratuitous Space Battles and the stupidly pretty remake of Pixel’s Cave Story, Cave Story+.

But seriously: it’s worth it just for Super Meat Boy. Find the bundle here.