Video: Honda’s (Amazing) Personal Mobility Robot Uni-Cub

Honda caused quite a splash a while back with the introduction of the U3-X, a personal mobility robot that’s basically a motorized unicycle (and that our own John Biggs was “impressed” with after taking it for a test drive last year). And now, at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, Honda took the wraps of a pretty similar robot, the so-called Uni-Cub.

In fact, Honda says it has been working on mobility solutions for single drivers since 1980. Just like with the U3-X, this new model makes it possible for drivers to ride in the direction they want to go by just moving the upper body or operating a joystick (the robot can also handle lateral movements).

360-degree motions are still possible, too, but Honda added another wheel to the robot to make it more stable. To increase driving comfort, the Uni-Cub features armrests (that previous models didn’t have).

According to Honda, the Uni-Cub can reach a top speed of 10km/h and has a battery life of one hour at this point.

Unfortunately, the company is still not sure about when to commercialize the technology. Honda sees the Uni-Cub used by people who want to scoot around places like shopping centers and exhibition halls.

Here’s Honda’s Uni-Cub promotion video: