Destroy Your Friends With FaceInvaders

Do you hate your Facebook friends? Do you want to blow them all up in fiery blasts of laser light? Sure, we all do.

FaceInvaders allows you to shoot down your social graph. The game is a simple Space Invaders clone with a twist – each alien is a face randomly selected from your Facebook account. You shoot down friends hither and yon, allowing you to passive-aggressively destroy the people who you pretend to love.

Once you’ve beaten all of the waves, you fight off the boss friend (also chosen at random). Interaction with the Facebook API allows you to post high scores on your wall.

Built by start-up Appek, the game costs $1.99 and is available now. While it’s nothing new, it’s definitely clever and it might be a nice way to see how your friends have update their profile pictures. It also allows you to destroy them in secret, finding sweet release in the blaze of energy emitted as they explode into space. In some ways, it’s better than a relationship status update.

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