WhoAPI raises 40,000 euros to create an API for awesome domain searches

With both new domain extensions being created and old ones getting new meanings, it’s no wonder that Croatian startup WhoAPI just got their first investment to build a platform for creating domain search services and applications. WhoAPI, as the name states, is creating an extensive API that you can use to get domain name related information to your web or mobile application.

WhoAPI, based in Rijeka, has raised around 40,000 euros from angel investor Mihovil Barancic, the president of the Croatian angel investor’s association CRANE. Barancic previously invested into Entrio, a startup creating a Southeastern European oriented event registration service similar to Amiando.

In a move unusual for the region, WhoAPI’s founders Goran Duskic and Edi Budimlic sold their previous venture, a hosting business called GEM Studio, to one of the biggest hosting companies in Croatia. That capital in addition to the new funds will be used on both servers needed to expand the service and sales efforts to get WhoAPI, still in beta, in the hands of as many users as possible. While WhoAPI has gotten their capital locally, its founders are no strangers to traveling across Europe to seek investors, previously appearing at both HackFwd in Berlin and Mini Seedcamp in Prag.

Duskic says tha even with only the landing page they have gotten requests for the service and hope to extend it in the coming months. With angel and venture capital being sparse in Croatia as well as neighbouring countries, WhoAPI has a chance to actually create their businesses through the effort of its founders. What other startups hope is that Croatian angel investors will with projects like WhoAPI get the experience and grow their network, as to help them in the future.