Hands-On With The Latest Motorola Xyboards

It’s not every day that you have two – count ’em – two Motorola Honeycomb tablets drop on your lap but today’s one of those days. I’ve just powered up the Xyboard 8.2 and 10.1 and am running them through their paces right now. The tablets are surprisingly thin and, in preliminary LTE tests, surprisingly fast on the wireless networks, topping out at 28.8mbps.

I’m going to withhold judgement until I mess with these guys a bit but as it stands the power and performance are impressive. As Matt notes, however, the 10.1 model costs $529 with contract and the 8.2 costs $429. You’re going to hear this again and again: Verizon’s prices are too darn high.

Contracts aside, these look to be quite capable and if the battery life isn’t too bad they may be worth looking into if you’re looking for a tablet with an LTE solution built-in.