ccLoop Failed To Fix Email, Shuts Down To Re-emerge As Pipewise

Can ccLoop Rid Us Of Our Collective Email Woes? – I asked in a headline when the startup made its formal debut at TechCrunch Disrupt earlier this year. The answer, sadly, is a resounding no.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Michael Wolfe, the company will shutter the service by January 9, 2012, and will henceforth focus on trying to solve user relationship management as Pipewise.

The ceasing of ccLoop operations doesn’t come as a surprise – in fact, they announced that the service would be phased out over a month ago, albeit with a different timeframe given.

Writes Wolfe in an email to users:

We are announcing that we are stopping development on the ccLoop product. We have received a great deal of interest and positive feedback, but we saw a long and difficult path ahead to build ccLoop into a large business.

Fixing email will have to be done by another startup, another day.

Benchmark Capital, FLOODGATE, SV Angel, Felicis Ventures and Ariel Poler are investors in what is now Pipewise, and have collectively injected $3.5 million into the venture already.

They will continue the back the startup, which aims to help companies “acquire, engage, convert, and support customers via web and mobile channels”.

To learn more about Pipewise, check out and follow this Quora thread.