Samsung Galaxy S II Ad Both Targets And Mocks Apple Fanbois

Sure, I’ve been terrified by the HTC Rhyme commercial, absolutely baffled by a 30-second Motorola Droid Bionic ad featuring two seconds of the Droid Bionic, and I’ve been amused by Sprint’s Evo 3D spots. But no phone commercial has ever made me laugh out loud quite like this latest one from Samsung.

Apple and Samsung are the fiercest of rivals, whether that manifests itself in their worldwide legal battle or their neck-and-neck sales numbers. Either way, it’s a nice change of pace to see the battle play out on TV. What I don’t quite understand is how Samsung plans to convert Apple loyalists (you know, the demographic Samsung is clearly trying to tap into) by making fun of them.

The latest in the series of TV spots aired today, and focuses on the media platforms provided by Samsung’s GS II and the iPhone. But mostly, it just makes fun of fanbois. Rather than transcribe the entire commercial and butcher all the jokes along the way, please enjoy watching for yourself.

[via HuffPo]