Batch 1.1 Hits The App Store, Now With Even More Personality!

batch, the app that allows you to finally do something productive with all those pics lying around on your phone, has just added it’s very first update to the App Store.

What’s new? The addition of a few handy features and some delightful touches …

Continuing a recent trend towards apps with human personalities (Path, Siri), the cuteness of the newest batch is evident upon Facebook login, as the app gives a you a “Flirting with Facebook” notification when it connects. When you actually do connect, the app’s all like, “Scored.” Really. In fact, the entire on-boarding process is sort of adorable, allowing you to circumvent it by clicking on “No batch I know what I’m doing!” In the same vein, you can break up with your batch friends, designated with a literal broken heart. Aww.

batch users who appreciate more practical features will be happy to learn that you can now add wallpaper and a bio to your batch profile and search for friends by going to Friends > Search. You can also tag friends of friends in batches and tag entire batches with certain friends.

Batch co-founder Brian Pokorny tells me that he’s got his sights set on making batch the most simple way to share a lot of photos. And all the anthropomorphic stuff? “We’re a fun team,” Pokorny says, “We have a personality and we want that to be represented .”

You can find batch in the app store here.