Adzerk Launches AdOS, An App Store For Ad Tech

Adzerk, the ad-serving technology startup which raised $650K in seed funding this July, is launching its next phase, called adOS. The new platform is intended as an evolution of its current product, and is offering improved ad-serving code plus a marketplace where publishers can find third-party apps to install. Yep – it’s an app store for ad tech.

For publishers under 100 million impressions per month, Adzerk’s ad-serving technology is free, which is one way Adzerk aims to attract new interest. Currently, StackOverflow, Tippr, Land8 Media and StatSheet are using Adzerk, as are a number of ad networks. In many cases, however, Adzerk’s technology is being white-labeled, so the company can’t disclose the names of those users.

Adzerk started out as an internal, proprietary technology used in two niche ad networks run by founder James Avery – The Lounge and Ruby Row. Avery then spun out Adzerk to sell his software.

With AdOS, ad-serving technology is a part of the platform, but the big deal here is the ┬ánew marketplace. When it launches publicly (it’s in private beta now), AdOS will feature around 100 “apps,” which includes things like targeting tools, other ad networks, features AdZerk itself offers (like the ability to manage an ad network), custom creatives and more.

By February or March, the company plans to release an SDK which will allow developers to create new custom creatives and sell them in the AdOS store. For example, Avery tells us of a creative in development that pulls in live Twitter data within the ad.

The core idea with AdOS is to solve the challenge for publishers where there are too many ad serving tools available for use, leading to confusion. AdOS, and its “app store” concept will help publishers find the tools they want, while also knowing that all those on the AdOS platform will work together. Want to use Google AdSense? You just click the little green “install” button and fill in the form. Want to install an ad network you’ve never used? You click the green “apply” button to sign up. It’s a one-stop shop.

AdOS is today launching into private beta, and will allow select publishers early access to the new platform for testing purposes. The public platform launch is planned for early next year.

Adzerk arrived this spring, after a beta period in 2010. As noted above, it has already raised $650K in seed funding, but will be looking to raise a Series A starting in Q1 2012. The plan is to use the new funding to double the size of its now nine-person team. Since its launch, Adzerk has gained “hundreds” of customers, says Avery, but the company won’t disclose the exact number.

Publishers interested in AdOS can sign up here.