With 750K Paid Users, Evernote Brings In $18 Million A Year

Evernote CEO Phil Libin is on a tear; After making Inc Magazine’s “Company of the year” issue, partnering with French telecom company Orange and launching two apps, Hello and Food, he took the stage at Le Web to talk very candidly about Evernote numbers. Libin revealed that the company has hit 20 million registered users just 3 1/2 years after its launch, with 8 million monthly actives.

These users are long-term, Libin emphasized, with 42% eventually returning after they leave, “People that leave kind of miss it,” Libin said. He revealed that 750K of that 20 million are Evernote Premium users, paying $5 a month and $45 a year for the extremely handy services. Those paid users amount to $18 million in bookings Libin told me backstage after his talk, and the company was profitable until six months ago where it started aggressively hiring post its funding.

Over 9,000 apps are built on the platform. And the Evernote team has also expanded from 40 to 120 people, tripling in the past year — Libin hopes that number will eventually triple again.  Libin basically attributes the success to focus, ” We’re not social. We’re not viral. We just focus on trying to make a product that’s great for us. And be as open and transparent about it as possible.”

You can view Phil Libin slides for LeWeb here.