Twitter Redesigns Around Four Concepts: Home Timeline, Connect, Discover, Me #LetsFly

Twitter is starting to push out a significant redesign of its service that makes the interface simpler for all users across all of its platforms. The goal is to resolve complexity around concepts like the hashtag or the ‘at’ symbol.

Twitter has a new page up about the changes ( and a video, below. I’ll follow it with some screenshots. My live blog notes here.

The four key elements are a new homepage timeline, a better way to see anything related to you, an interface for easily finding context for hashtags, and a slicker user profile (as well as a fuller-featured one for brands, apparently).

I’ve just gotten access to the mobile app. Here are a few screenshots to illustrate the changes.

Home. Sweet home.

Connect. A fuller view of everything related to @ replies.

Discover. Hashtag-driven search.

Me. The new profile page.