Mobile Q&A App Opinionaided Rebrands As Thumb

Startup Opinionaided, which offers a mobile Q&A app around sharing people’s opinions, is rebranding as Thumb.

Opinionaided’s users are able input a question, determine a category (i.e. relationships, politics) and submit it for other Opinionaided users to answer. You can also publish your questions to Facebook and Twitter. After a question is posted, fellow Opinionaided users can comment on the question, thumbs up or thumbs down questions, and the app will calculate the percentage of users that responded positively or negatively. From there, consumers can reply back to the comments or create a new question for peers to vote on.

The company has seen impressive engagement within its iOS and Android apps. On average, responses start to arrive only six seconds after being shared and users receive between 50 and 100 responses to questions overall.

The startup says the new Thumb brand identity gives the product a name indicative of its simplicity and “straightforward user experience.” Thumb will soon support new social features that give users the opportunity to express opinions and connect in real-time with others. Thumb’s goal is to grow into a full-fledged social, interest and opinion-based community.

Thumb has raised $5.3 million in funding to date.