Mailjet raises 180,000 euros, helps companies send and track emails

Cloud emailing service provider Mailjet has raised 180,000 euros from Brussels-based eFounders, an earlier backer.

Obviously, that’s not an enormous fundraising round, but Mailjet is an interesting company solving a real problem and challenging more established, venture capital-backed rivals like SendGrid and Mailgun, so let’s take a closer look.

Basically, Mailjet eliminates the needs for SMBs to purchase or rent SMTP email servers by offering instead a cloud-based emailing solution that not only increases the deliverability of messages but also comes with detailed, real-time analytics such as opening and click-through rates.

The company has developed its product with support for multiple regions, languages and currencies in mind, which is always a big advantage. Its biggest differentiator is its proprietary technology though, the company says, which helps companies optimize the process of sending and tracking emails to make it cheaper and more efficient at the same time.

The company has offices in Paris but sells its products to companies across the world (including the UK, US, and big European markets like France and Germany).

Today, Mailjet boasts 500 paying enterprise customers and roughly 3,300 active users (there’s a freemium plan available, which allows for 6,000 emails to be sent per month). The company is inching close to processing over 100 million emails per month.

The company is considering raising more outside funding to boost growth.

Update: another interesting company in this space, also based in Paris, is CritSend.