Google Image Search Adds More Tablet-Optimized Improvements

Google has updated its Google Image Search experience with a redesign targeted towards users of tablet devices, including the Apple iPad. Now, when you’re browsing through image results on your tablet computer (yep, Android tablets, too), you can tap an image result in the carousel view to expand the image on the screen. You can then begin swiping through the rest of the image search results to continue browsing.

Below each image is information about the photo itself, including the usual: title, description and URL of the page where the image is found. You can tap on the webpage preview option to visit the website hosting the image.

This new feature is an extension of Google’s previous image search enhancements for tablets from back in July. At the time, Google introduced several tablet-optimized enhancements, including larger image previews, continuous scrolling and faster loading of thumbnails.

The new image carousel is launching today in over 40 languages, says Google via blog post. Google didn’t specify which versions of Android support the update, but the video shows it running on Honeycomb I mean Ice Cream Sandwich.