DODOcase For The Kindle Fire Is Ready To Disguise Amazon’s Tab As A Hardbound Book

The Kindle Fire is a hit. Amazon shipped millions of the budget tabs over the last few weeks and will surely ship million more. But all those Fires shouldn’t go unprotected. Enter the DODOcase for Kindle Fire.

Like the iPad, Kindle and PlayBook editions, the $45 DODOcase for Kindle Fire is handmade in San Francisco using traditional bookbinding techniques. It also features the same bamboo frame and and fold-over flap. Monogramming is also available for a bit extra.

DODOcase hit the iPad accessory scene shortly after Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. The company nearly pioneered the “it looks like a book” iPad case. We’ve been a big fan from the beginning having found the cases to be durable and wear like a fine hardcover book. I have one on my iPad right now and Greg famously proclaimed in our official review that this case might get you laid (I can’t substantiate that claim, though).