Unstuck Helps Turn Your iPad Into An On-The-Go Life Coach

Innovation and management consultancy SYPartners is debuting its virtual on-th-go life coach, Unstuck this evening. Unstuck, which is an iPad app, allows you to get on-demand coaching whenever you need it.

First, the app helps you diagnose what’s really going on in your stuck moment. Using a game-like interface, Unstuck tried to tease out what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and what you’re actually doing from your statement. The app begins with a series of questions to figure out why
you’re stuck. Your answers then feed an algorithm, which pinpoints your stuck moment. And the Q&A focuses on how you’re feeling, thinking, and acting in a situation.

These stuck moments can be big or small, involving just you or others, chronic challenges or things you’ve never faced before. For example, you could query, “Should we rent, build, or renovate?,” or “My siblings and I can’t agree on what to do for our father’s birthday.”

Based on the diagnostic, the app helps you identify what type of stuck moment you’re having—maybe you’re waffling, overthinking your choices, or being negative. Basically, the app aims to help you understand that moment and common patterns of behavior associated with it—and then suggests how to move forward.

Unstuck will serve up tips and tools as well as give you personalized action plans you can use. Soon users will also be able to share their experiences and help each other move forward to get unstuck. You can also save your unstuck moments and the app will remember these for the future.

Unstuck is part life-coach, part psychiatrist with a dash of data analysis. It is interesting to have an instant diagnosis of your thought methodology when trying to solve a problem or issue.

Of course with any advice-based application, there is a huge trust structure that needs to be in place. What seems to be missing is a social component with your actual friends (not just random people using the app), because people naturally tend to take advice or bounce ideas and feelings off of close friends. Perhaps there is a Facebook-connect integration in Unstuck’s future?