Snow Fight iOS Game Makes It Feel Like Christmas Every Day

This morning I was feeling particularly dreary. The weather is gloomy today in the Big Apple, grey and rainy, and it’s chillier than it was yesterday. I found a little comfort in the fact that the holidays are on their way, but looking out the window it simply doesn’t feel like Christmastime.

Disheartened, I opened up my trusty MacBook Pro and started in on my least favorite part of the hump day, checking email. But something special was waiting for me in my inbox this morning, something that makes me feel like the 12 Days of Christmas are already underway: an iPhone game called Snow Fight.

Snow Fight isn’t flashy or anything like that. It’s actually a rather simple game of capture the flag, with a snow-ball fight thrown into the mix. You basically control a little man, or little men if you’ve advanced to later stages of the game, whose only mission in life is to capture the opposing team’s snowmen and flags.

It isn’t super fast-paced, but it takes way more strategy than I expected. If you can’t figure a way to pelt the other team to death with snowballs before they do it to you, well, you lose. And no one likes a loser. Especially in snow ball fights.

But you don’t just win for winning’s sake, either. You have to be the ultimate snow-ball warrior to get the gold-star, chocolate-chip-cookie, best-snow-thrower-ever award. Actually, I think they just call it a Gold badge, but you get what I’m saying.

If all your players make it out alive, if you never get hit, or if you collect all the snowmen instead of just the flag, you get a better score. There are also bonuses to be found across the game map like replenish life, instant reload, and snowball increase (because you can only hold so many snowballs at once).

I’ve been playing Snow Fight all day, and must admit that it has done quite a bit to brighten my day. I only wish it was snowing instead of raining so I could partake in my own snow-slinging, flag-capturing shenanigans. I guess the virtual world will have to do for now though. At least I’m not virtually cleaning.

The app went live today in the App Store for free and is available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. If interested, I’d suggest taking a look at that video below for some strategic game play ideas. It’s really not as easy as it looks.