The Top Spiking Tweets Of 2011

Which event caused a greater spike in tweets this year, the Japanese earthquake, Steve Jobs’ death, or Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement at the MTV Music Awards? Yup, it was Beyonce.

Twitter just released the top tweets per second for the year as part of its ongoing Year in Review. Yestreday it revealed the top tweeted hashtags and other topics).

The Beyonce announcement spiked at 8,868 tweets per second in August. The Troy Davis execution was the second-highest tweeted event at 7,671 tweets per second. Two soccer-related tweets were next, followed by the resignation of Steve Jobs, which spiked at 7,064 tweets per second. His death a little over a month later created a peak of 6,049 tweets per second.

The Japanese earthquake in March came in at 5,330 tweets per second, and was trumped by the puny (but exciting) East Coast earthquake in August, which spiked to 5,449 tweets per second. What about the raid on Osama bin Laden? 5,106 tweets per second.