Need Tunes For An Indie Film? Audiosocket Launches A Fully Hosted Music Storefront

Audiosocket, the Music-as-a-Service platform provider, is today launching its own Music-as-a-Service Storefront. (Yep, in acronym lingo, that’s a “MaaS.”) The company already powers the backend of the Vimeo’s Music Store, allowing for the integration of appropriately licensed tunes into online videos. Now, with the new hosted service, Audiosocket aims to connect indie musicians and digital media companies, including launch partners IndieFlixThe National Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) and a new e-learning company LearnCreate.

The MaaS Storefront will offer AudioSocket’s catalog of over 33,000 pre-cleared songs from emerging artists in need of discovery and distribution to others in content creation communities, specifically those who are also focused on supporting indie artists themselves. (Well, those are the most likely partners for this service, that is.) The Storefront will be provided as white label offering which partners can customize, brand, and have up in running within 24 hours.

For example, IndieFlix, which likes to call itself the “Netflix for indie films,” says it gets a lot of submissions where the music hasn’t been properly licensed. Until now, it has had to spend its own time and money to resolve these problems, the company reports. With the Audiosocket Storefront, though, IndieFlix will be able to simplify this process. With the IndieFlix Storefront, available here, filmmakers can now browse and search for music by genre, mood, tempo, vocal, themes or instruments.

This isn’t the first deployment for Audiosocket’s “MaaS” – Vimeo’s Music Store was. But where that was a custom integration designed just for the Vimeo website, you can think of this one as “Vimeo Lite.” Instead of a full-on integration, this is a hosted product, a plug-and-play music storefront that anyone could use.

More details on the Audiosocket Storefront will be available from the company website: