Guy In Charge Of Google+’s Google Bar Joins Path

Google+ Lead Product Manager Dylan Casey, the guy most famously in charge of the recently launched Google Bar, is leaving Google to join social app Path, the company tells me. Casey, who had been at Google since 2003, will start at Path on Tuesday as Director of Product Management.

Before the Google+ launch, Casey was in charge of Google real-time search AND an Olympian on Lance Armstrong’s cycling team (Yes, really). After announcing his job change, Casey posted to his colleagues privately on Google+:

“It is with immense pride and honor that I am able to share on Google+ that I have completed my time as a Googler and will be turning in my propeller hat today. It is ironic and sweet that I helped build a product that is intended for exactly this type of sharing. I can not think of a better way to share this news with my colleagues.

I often joke that Google paid me to receive the world’s best education and for that I am truly grateful to all of you.

I have spent my life chasing dreams and many have come true. It is now time to start chasing the next one. Thank you Google for making it possible to take this leap. I will no longer be a part of you, but you will always be a part of me.

The leap from Google+ to Path actually makes sense conceptually; Both products are centered around sharing to a limited number of people, and are seen as somewhat underdogs in the game of social. With their recent pivot to an app that lets you share everything via mobile, it seems like the talented team at Path is finally finding its footing.

You can download the new Path app here.