Already On Everything Else, Angry Birds Ported To Rovio Exec’s Wife’s Dress

Going to a fancy State Gala? Married to a Rovio executive? Angry Birds dresses are SO IN this season.

If you’ve ever met Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka, you’ve probably learned two things: 1) Peter is good people, and 2) he really, really likes his Angry Birds sweatshirt. It’s rare to see him not wearing one. I’m convinced he travels with a suitcase full of them and burns each one after wearing as some sort of sacrifice to the App Store Gods.

Vesterbacka was invited to an event at the Finnish Presidential Palace, where, alas, the dress code called for something a bit less sweatshirt-y and a bit more tie-and-tailcoat. Fortunately, Peter’s wife Teija found a way to rep the bird: her entire dress.

To anyone unfamiliar with the game, the dress’ pattern probably looked like nothing more than a strange arrangement of shapes. If you’ve spent even a minute or two flingin’ birds, though, the cameo is clear: that’s the Red Bird, glarin’ from somewhere you shouldn’t be starin’.

Some folks (including some forumgoers over at Neogaf, who were seemingly the first english speakers to notice it) were quick to criticize her choice of attire; I think it’s genius. Peter Vesterbacka (pictured in the top image above, just in front of his wife) is something of a celebrity in Finland and Angry Birds is something they’re mighty proud of (hence the invite to the party) — this just celebrates that. Way to go, Teija.

[Update: You can find more photos of the dress, as shot by Matti Matikainen, here]