The Top Twitter Hashtags Of 2011

It’s that time of year again, when everyone puts out their year in review lists. Twitter does this on a rolling basis with multiple lists on its Year in Review page, which includes notable people who joined Twitter in 2011 (Charlie Sheen, Sean Parker, and Howard Stern) and its just-added lists of hot topics. The hot topics are broken into categories such as Movies (Thor is No.1, really?), Actors (Charlie Sheen), World News (Mubarak’s resignation, Raid on Osama bin Laden), and hashtags.

The hashtags are the most interesting part of the list. They reflect a mixture of the topics that spiked in realtime across the world (#egypt, #jan25, #japan), enduring pop culture memes (Charlie Sheen’s #tigerblood), as well as quirky Twitter-only memes (#threewordstoliveby).

Here are the top hashtags of the year, according to Twitter:

  1. egypt
  2. tigerblood
  3. threewordstoliveby
  4. idontunderstandwhy
  5. japan
  6. improudtosay
  7. superbowl
  8. jan25

Compare these to the top searches of the year on Yahoo. You won’t find Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, or American Idol on the Twitter lists. Is that because Twitter users are more sophisticated, or is it an indication that Twitter is not yet as mainstream as search?

Top 10 Searches

  1. iPhone
  2. Casey Anthony
  3. Kim Kardashian
  4. Katy Perry
  5. Jennifer Lopez
  6. Lindsay Lohan
  7. “American Idol”
  8. Jennifer Aniston
  9. Japan Earthquake
  10. Osama bin Laden