iRobot, Makers Of The Roomba, Launch An iOS Game?

Every once in a while, a pitch hits our collective TechCrunch inbox that is equally ridiculous and intriguing. In a situation like that — one full of hilarity and intrigue — how can we not post it? That said, I really don’t know what’s going on over at iRobot, as the makers of the very popular robotic vacuum, the Roomba, have decided to branch way, way out there and create an iOS app called Roomba Revenge.

A few things worth noting before I continue: The app has absolutely nothing to do with the functionality of your Roomba. The app is a game, which has absolutely nothing to do with iRobot. And… The app is a game about cleaning. Well, vacuuming up dust bunnies if we’re getting really specific.

Obviously the ridiculous part of this pitch has made itself clear. But why is this intriguing you may ask? Well, I can’t seem to stop myself from wondering why iRobot would do this? Why, iRobot? Why?!

The pitch may have a few answers: “No, iRobot isn’t becoming a gaming company,” writes media rep Jennifer Kohanim. “They did this just because having fun and making cool stuff is part of their DNA. In fact, the idea for a game featuring the world-famous robot was born via a casual text-message conversation between two iRobot employees.”

Here’s how the app works:

You’re in a dirty room. You control the Roomba and your goal is to clean up the floor. If the floor isn’t clean before the time runs out on the clock, you lose.

Yeah, it’s pretty simple.

Roomba Revenage is available now for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in the Apple App Store for $0.99.