Intuit Now Allows Businesses To Create E-Commerce Storefronts On Facebook

Intuit is the latest company to enable e-commerce on Facebook, announcing today that businesses using the company’s Websites software can create a store on the social network.

Intuit SimpleStore for Facebook will automatically sync the merchant’s website and Facebook page, loading inventory and enabling payments. Business owners can accept credit or debit card payments directly on Facebook, via Intuit, with no added log-ins required for the customer. All transactions are powered by Intuit’s payments back-end.

Intuit SimpleStore for Facebook is available through Intuit Websites, a service that allows merchants and businesses to set up a website and payments platform.

While a Facebook e-commerce product makes sense, Intuit is pretty late to the game on this. Payvment, ShopIgniter, BigCommerce, and many others have been offering this technology to merchants for years.