Fruit Ninja Proves Its Chops As The Latest Mobile Game To Get Plush Toys

First you get the money. Then you get the power. Then you get the plush toys.

Finding some degree of success in the App Store is a challenge in itself — but maintaining that success long enough that your license is worth turning into real world stuffed wares? That’s an achievement few have managed to unlock. Angry Birds did it. Cut The Rope did it. Hoppin’ on the bandwagon today with its own line of plushies: Fruit Ninja.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “LAWL! What are they going to sell? Stuffed apples? Stuffed bananas?”

Of course not. That’d be ridiculous. They’re selling stuffed watermelons.

They’ve also got a stuffed version of their relatively iconic old dude, Sensei.

The Sensei goes for $15.99, while the watermelon will go for $14.99 when it’s available in a few weeks. Wait, why does the watermelon get stiffed as the cheaper option? Just because he’s probably a bit easier to make and it’s probably kind of hard to convince kids to add “Stuffed watermelon” to their Christmas list? But it’s a watermelon! With eyes!

You can find the plushies over in the Fruit Ninja store. Congrats to the Halfbrick folks for breakin’ into the plush life.