EyeEm app picks up the pace as European startups fight for the photo crown

Pretender to the Instagram throne, EyeEm, a camera and photo discovery app startup, has launched a big update across its Android and iOS apps and the supporting web platform. It’s now even even more about visual, location-based search and has also introduced more social features.

For the last couple of years one of the main battles around smartphone apps has been around photo apps. One of the main ones to beat in this reach has been Instagram which recently reached around 14 million users, but there’s a battle going on in Europe for users which is perhaps less known but equally as fierce.

One of the earlier players in Europe is Mobypicture out of Amsterdam which did the same as Instagram in sending images across other social networks. They’ve now hit 1.2m users (both via android, iPhone and simple twitter integration). Two other pretenders to the thrown are Lightbox, which is doubling down on Android and has had almost 5000,000 installs via the Android marketplace.

Bringing up the rear but innovating fast is EyeEm out of Berlin. The new version has a new album feed that automatically shows photos of current nearby events, places and trending topics.

It’s also pulling in numbers: 134 countries, 35,000 unique locations and 15,000 user events, according to co-founder, Florian Meissner. The web platform now has new user profiles with personal avatars and status bubbles. Next up will be an API for 3rd party developers

EyeEm has an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Passion Capital and Pan-European Venture Capital fund Wellington Partners.