Enflick Launches Mobile Messaging App For Close Contacts, Touch

Enflick, the developer who created free text messaging app TextNow and IM application PingChat, has released a new app, called ‘Touch,’ which aims to make messaging your closest friends and family easier.

Enflick, which was co-founded by Derek Ting and Jon Lerner, has seen success with messaging apps in the past. Over 300 million text messages are sent each month using TextNow, which is a simple, free text messaging app at absolutely no cost to the user.

PingChat is a cross-platform instant messaging app that supports real-time conversations, group chat, and media sharing. TextNow and PingChat combined serve more than a billion impressions per month with 21.5 million users worldwide.

The startup launched Touch because many users have a massive amount of contacts in their phone and it can be touch to filter just your closest friends and family that you want to text with the most.

With Touch, you can add your important contacts and text them from the app. You can also send photos, see typing indicators when connections , create group chat, see when messages are delivered and read and more. Of course, Touch will face competition from the growing number of messaging apps on the market.

Enflick recently raised $1 million in seed funding from Freestyle Capital, Menlo Ventures Talent Fund, Lady Gaga’s talent manager Troy Carter and Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun.