TextOnly App Only Gives You The Good Part Of Most Websites

Textonly is, on its surface, a gussied up RSS reader. However, unlike similar “read later” and newsfeed services, this app allows you to read sites in their text-only form, reducing the time it takes to load and view nearly everything. While it won’t do you much good on shopping and media sites, it could help in reading long, image heavy web pages on slow connections.

The service is now available as an Android app that allows you to read only the text of nearly any website. You can try it here for free.

Like ShortMail, this service doesn’t make much sense unless, well, it does. There are plenty of folks out there without high speed wireless data and to strip a site down to its bare essentials is invaluable.

It’s a noble goal and while I’m not impressed with the implementation, the idea seems solid.