Microsoft Goes After Dads In New WinPho Commercial

Kids send the strangest things over 3G networks! In this new commercial for Windows Phone 7, poor old pops is doing the shopping while consulting a list that has been helpfully shared via One Note. Suddenly, cola appears on this list alongside a pound of candy and some huge suckers. Who is hijacking pops’ reverie with their crude hacking? I’ll let you watch to find out. It’s hi-larious!

But what does this commercial mean?

Microsoft has a hard row to hoe, but it’s ads like this that highlight the technology quite admirably. Because the control both the desktop and the phone OS, commercials showing the functionality versus talking up specs make much more sense and are, in turn, much more compelling (remember that Verizon commercial where the geek goes into the store and the salesperson rattles off an Android tablets’ technical specifications? How funny was that?)

There is a certain subset of phone buyer who doesn’t want to go, as it were, mainstream. WinPho is nearly perfect in that respect, dropping stealthily in between Android and iOS like a hale and well-met friend and eating both sides’ market share. While you probably won’t be performing many jackanapes with your Windows 7-powered kids this hardware iteration, I could see a day when Windows 8 and WinPho 7 become the standard in business and, increasingly, at home. Here’s hoping.

via AppBoy