Airbnb To Partner With Vayable To Upsell Travel Experiences To Renters

Back when we first wrote about Vayable (the site that lets just about anyone offer to host paid tours/activities for travelers) Alexia said it was “like an Airbnb for Travel Experiences.”

Airbnb would agree, it seems. We’ve learned tonight that Airbnb is prepping to launch a partnership to upsell travelers with Vayable’s tour experiences.

The partnership will be limited to e-mail at first (a “Oh, you’re going here? Check out these Vayable tours!” type thing), though the partnership may find deeper roots if it proves successful. It will initially be limited to e-mails sent to Airbnb customers headed for New York. We were initially clued in on the partnership by an anonymous tipster, and have since backed up the report with an independent source.

This will be Airbnb’s first partnership of the sort, though it’s probably safe to assume that it won’t be the last. The world is quickly filling up with myriad “Airbnb of X”, so Airbnb might as well find a way to tap into them.