After Rebranding, It’s Full Steam Ahead For MSN Offers For Schools

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Microsoft has had their hands full with their daily deals program in recent weeks: they just finished overhauling the brand, and now that it’s all done, some of their under-exposed initiatives can enjoy some time in the sunlight. Case in point: MSN Offers for Schools, the educational tie-in to the daily deals service you’ve probably never heard of.

MSN Offers for Schools isn’t exactly a new idea — it first launched back in September when the program was still flying the Bing Daily Deals banner. The team has spent the past few months reaching out to schools, but didn’t want to attract too much attention because of the impending rebranding. Now that the name-change is complete, MSN Offers for Schools is ready to expand and they’re starting by pushing out an adorable video that explains the process.

Here’s how it works: once a representative for a school signs up for the program, they can choose from two levels of participation: at the basic affiliate level, schools can help market existing deals in exchange for a cut of of the proceeds. If they want to take it a step further, schools can jump in at the reseller level, where they scour their surrounding area for deals that MSN Offers can sell in exchange for a bigger proportion of the revenue.

MSN Offers has partnered up with nearly 20 schools around their offers markets, and they’re looking to get more aggressive in pitching the opportunity. I don’t blame them — it’s a really nifty twist on the standard daily deals model, and the added effect of positively impacting local children could mean new users with vulnerable heart strings may give it a shot. And hey, if it means one fewer child has to try and hock expensive cakes out of a catalog around the neighborhood, I’m all for it.