Q&A Platform LawPivot Raises $1M; Launches Legal Services Marketplace

Google Ventures-backed LawPivot, a “Quora for legal advice,” is announcing a $1 million round of additional seed funding from Vaizra Investments, Venture51, Quotidian Ventures and angel investors. Previous backers include Google Ventures, Deep Nishar, David Austin, David Tisch, Richard Chen and Allen Morgan.

As we’ve written in the past, LawPivot allows technology companies and startups to confidentially ask legal questions to expert attorneys. On LawPivot, startups can post questions on the site, and lawyers message these companies back with advice. Questions are completely confidential, so companies still have privacy within the platform.

In addition to the new funding, LawPivot is launching a new product—the Legal Services Marketplace. The Legal Services Marketplace allows businesses to post inquiries for legal services, and participating lawyers can advise these businesses for a fixed fee.

Services include contract reviews, incorporations, patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Co-founder (and intellectual property lawyer) Nitin Gupta compared the marketplace to an ‘oDesk for legal services.’