Open Ocean invests $1 million in developer of the Zentyal Linux small business server

Zentyal, the Zaragoza, Spain-based maker of the Zentyal Linux small business server, has raised $1 million in Series A funding from freshly financed and Europe-focused venture capital firm Open Ocean Capital.

Zentyal develops a server solution that combines cloud-based services to make network management easy and secure for small and medium-sized businesses. Basically, it’s an open source alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Small Business Server.

The startup says it is now at more than 30,000 monthly downloads, three years after its founding.

Tom Henriksson, Partner at Open Ocean Capital and former Head of Corporate Business Development at Nokia, has joined Zentyal’s board of directors alongside Jorge Mata, founder and president of Berg Networks and founder of MyAlert.

Open Ocean was the first major shareholder in open source company MySQL, which was later sold to Sun Microsystems for $1 billion.