Amazon launches native-language Kindle devices, Kindle Stores in Italy and Spain

Amazon this morning announced the fresh availability of a €99 Italian-language Kindle, and the opening of an Italian Kindle Store, offering customers over 16,000 Italian-language Kindle books. The same thing is happening in Spain, obviously with a Spanish-language Kindle and a custom Spanish Kindle Store (over 22,000 titles).

In addition, Amazon announced that authors and publishers in both countries are now able to make their books available in the new and Kindle Stores using its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform (Spanish / Italian).

Both in Spain and Italy, the 70 percent royalty option – which allows independent authors and publishers worldwide to make more money on books sold to Kindle customers in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, France – is now also available.

The Kindle Store now offers customers a total of 900,000+ titles, in English and other languages.