2011 Holiday Gift Guide: iPhone Accessories For Every Type

Apple has sold over 17 million iPhones in this past quarter alone, so chances are that someone you’ll have to buy a holiday present for will already have one. Instead of the usual “cheesy card and sweater” combination, why not give them something that takes advantage of their constant electronic companion? Here are a few iPhone-friendly gift ideas to consider, all organized by personality type. Happy hunting!

For the rough-and-tumble type:

Take it from a guy who bought and broke an iPhone 4 on the same day: the iPhone 4/4S’s glass panels don’t play nice with concrete. That’s where the Otterbox Defender comes into play: combining a hard polycarbonate body with a silicon skin that wraps around it, the Defender is robust enough to keep up with even the most negligent users. Oh, and did I mention it comes in eight fetching color combinations?

Otterbox.com, $49.95

For the artists:

There are enough iPhone cases floating around on the internet to make your head spin. Instead of digging through countless options for a case in that one particular shade of puce, why not make one instead? Case-mate offers customers the ability to upload their own images and slap them onto the case of their choice, perfect for the artistically-inclined and the picky to boot. You can even be ironic like me and get an iPhone case emblazoned with HTC phones on it!

CaseMate.com, prices start at $35 depending on the style of case.

For the athletes:

If you’re anything like me — which is to say avid runner/prodigious sweater — then you’ll probably enjoy taking a pair of Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680is on your next excursion. They’re lightweight, have a water and sweat-resistant neckband, and sound rather good to boot. The “i” in this case refers to the iDevice specific model, which features a line-in remote for taking calls and finding just the right song in your “GET TOUGH” playlist. Just don’t plan on doing any bench presses with these things, because the neckband will get in the way mighty quick.

Apple.com, $69.99

For the power-hungry:

The iPhone 4S’s battery has historically been a little shaky, but who wants to be tethered to a power outlet all day long? Mophie has been making external batteries/cases for years now, but those who would rather dodge the added heft should check out their Juice Pack Boost. It’s a small external battery that packs 2000mAh of juice, which more than enough to keep your iPhone chugging along until you can plug it in proper.

Mophie.com, $49.95

For the beach-goers:

If you’re fortunate enough to live where you won’t the next few months blanketed in perpetual cloud cover, check out Eton’s solar-powered battery case. It’s got a little of heft to it for sure, but that’s a small price to pay for a (very marginally) smaller electric bill, right? Alright, so the Mobius won’t be the best choice for every iPhone 4/4S owner, but for those of you who like lounging around in the sun will appreciate the juice this thing provides while you get that much-needed tan.

Amazon.com, $80

For the young (and young at heart):

No one’s too old to pilot a small, mechanized whirligig through the air, and Griffin’s Helo TC helicopter lets you do just that with your iPhone. After snapping your iPhone (any kind will do) into the included Flight Deck control mount, the Helo TC will leap into the air. Just be carefully to log a little bit of practice time first — the last thing to need to do is steer it headlong into a wall.

Griffin.com, $49.99

For the college student/party buff:

Jawbone’s pint-sized Bluetooth speaker can pump out some surprising sound and will fit in even the smelliest, most cramped dorm rooms. Jawbone pushes out software updates pretty frequently, and has added nifty features like LiveAudio mode to make tunes sound more immersive. Pair it up with a free JamChain, and you’ve got a mobile party — all that’s missing are the red Solo cups.

Jawbone.com, $199.99