Xbox 360 Still Selling Like Console-Shaped Hotcakes

Microsoft just posted some impressive sales stats: this week they sold 980,000 Xbox 360 consoles and 750,000 Kinect sensors, both “standalone and bundled.” The sales week is probably due in part to the perfect storm of titles hitting the platform, including Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City, as well as Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

The 360 is seven years old and is expected to get an updated Metro-like UI on December 6, turning the console from a primary games machine into something that resembles a set-top box. That the hardware and software are both standing the test of time is a testament to the investment and importance Microsoft places on the console.

To quote from the Gruber:

Amazing how popular a closed system — where the hardware and software are designed by a single company — can be.

via Official Microsoft Blog

[Image: Marie C Fields/Shutterstock]