The First Ice Cream Sandwich Android Tablet Surfaces In China

Right now the only way to officially taste Ice Cream Sandwich on a device is on the Galaxy Nexus. Google stated that it would eventually hit tablets. Well, the wait is over. Somewhere in the bowels of China the first ICS tablet has appeared. It’s a Xoom clone powered by slightly-dated hardware but it’s running 4.0.1. That’s all that counts.

The story goes that the tab shown here (and in the video after the jump) is the first 4.0.1 tablet. As Shanzhaiben and GizChina notes, the 10.1-inch tablet is a bit of a Xoom knockoff but sports respectable internal components. 1GB of RAM and a Tegra 2 chip powers the device. There’s 16GB of storage, dual cams, GPS, HDMI, a 7000mAh battery, and a 3G SIM card slot.

Looks good, right? Well, you can’t buy it yet. The company has yet to release pricing or a release date. But prepare yourself. The onslaught of Ice Cream Sandwich tablets is almost upon us. CES will be here in less than 45 days and you’re going to get fat from all the Ice Cream Sandwich’s pouring out of the Las Vegas Convention Center.