Network Optix Raises $750K For Their Enterprise Video Platform

One of the companies at Disrupt SF 2011 that escaped the horror of presenting on stage was Network Optix, whose impressive video handling technology was a little too practical for presentation. They’ve been busy the last few months in improving their product and forging business relationships, and have just announced that they’ve raised $750K with which to continue development.

Their product is what they call Enterprise Video as a Service, and is designed around the idea of handling all the complex transcoding and bandwidth issues associated with viewing and manipulating video on different platforms.

The delivery of rich, interactive, high-definition video is the focus of their technology, which allows (for instance) for several video streams to play at once in the same meta-stream, so you could video-chat while interacting with another HD video or presenting slides. It’s very unstructured yet more versatile than simple screen-sharing.

The system is demonstrated in their EVE Media Player, which at the moment is necessary for the various applications they suggest for their tech. Essentially it relocates the most processor-heavy aspects of HD video (running several at a time, switching between dozens of simultaneous streams) and converts that to a bandwidth requirement that is more easily met by less capable systems. In a way it’s comparable to OnLive’s method, though I think they would slightly resent the comparison, as their system is much more flexible on the user side.

If it’s not entirely clear what Network Optix does, exactly, watch a few of their demo videos and all will become clear.