Investing Network CapLinked Integrates With Facebook, Twitter And More

CapLinked, the LinkedIn-meets-SalesForce for private investing, has adding a number of new features and upgrades today including sign-in integrations with Facebook, Twitter and more.

As we’ve written in the past, CapLinked launched to allow entrepreneurs to raise capital and sell or buy assets, manage and contact investor prospects, centralize document flow on a secure platform and connect with new investors, advisors and companies. Investors can use CapLinked to manage deals, build public profiles, leverage LinkedIn contacts and connect with promising startups.

For background, CapLinked was founded by former PayPal marketing exec Eric Jackson and funded by a number of well-known members of the PayPal mafia.

Caplinked, which recently surpassed $10 billion in deals hosted on the site, as rewritten the entire application to make it easier and faster to network with other professionals, securely manage a capital raise or asset sale, and exchange private updates. With new social sign-ins, users can connect and link their Caplinked with their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts

A new ‘Radar’ feature gives users a stream of updated on deals and companies. You can can also now post public status updates on your CapLinked profile, and drag and drop files into your deal room for prospective investors.

In the next few months, Caplinked will be rolling out premium accounts with additional features to help users network with new leads, syndicate deals, and manage their company updates. The startup will also launch an API to allow third-party applications to access CapLinked.