The Little Printer Puts Your Customized Digital Content On A Slip Of Paper

Our collective trajectory these days seems to be a migration from print to digital. Books, calendars, to-do lists, and newspapers are all victims of the digital revolution, at least in paper form. But not everyone’s down with the death of paper.

Meet the Little Printer, the latest gizmo out of Berg Cloud. Cute, right?

When it’s not smiling up at you from your desk, the Little Printer pops out receipt-sized slips of paper loaded with your custom info, news, and friendly gossip, according to the product page. Using your smartphone (Android or iPhone), you can subscribe to one of Berg Cloud’s many “publication” options, whether it be daily puzzles, friends’ birthday reminders, headlines from your favorite news sources, to-do lists, Foursquare check-ins, “Partworks” (which is a daily lesson on your chosen genre of art), or a workout check-off list.

When you’re ready to go, just press the little button on the top of your printer and today’s news is ready and waiting for you.
There’s also something called “Picture of the day” shown in the demo video, with a caption that says “the most popular photo from your friends today.” It’s not clear where that data is coming from, though.

While a receipt-sized slip of paper probably isn’t going to disrupt the way you ingest information (digitally), there are some added benefits to the little slip of daily info. For one, things like the “word of the day,” “partworks,” and the “picture of the day” would be great to post up on the fridge or a bulletin board. Little Printer also offers a way to keep a record of your daily digital life on real paper instead of in binary code. That may sound like the early stages of some sort of hoarder disorder, but one day I bet we’ll really appreciate what we have recorded on paper.

Plus, it’s just really cute.

Pre-orders don’t begin until 2012, at which point Little Printer will launch in beta form.

[via DVice]