Restored Polaroid SX70s, With Designer Accents – For A Price

An original Polaroid SX70 camera would be a dream for many an analog photography lover. But not only are they difficult to find in good condidion, they’re also maddeningly expensive when they show up. Today is no exception, but they’re rare enough that to find 50 restored cameras ready for sale is an event worth shouting from the rooftops.

These SX70s have been restored by The Impossible Project, which if you have been following along for the last few years, has taken it upon themselves to manufacture Polaroid film cartridges and fix up some of the old cameras. They show up in small batches on Impossible’s site and others, but quickly sell out. And starting on December 5th there will be 50 available for purchase at boutique design site colette (caution: autoplaying music).

They have a funky skin on them, which isn’t bad but at the same time isn’t as cool as the original, and they come with a dotty matching cartridge of PX680 Color First Flush film. The price? A mere €540 including VAT.

Okay, so that’s basically extortion. But eventually all collector’s items become subject to that kind of questionable pricing. If you’re not in a hurry you can wait until the next batch appears and try to get it for a couple bills less (Photojojo had some for $350 a while back and they turn up now and then).

Don’t forget that you’re also buying into a camera system where you’ll be paying $20-30 for 8 exposures. As much as I’d like to get back into Polaroid, it’s just too rich for my blood right now (and the Lomo instant cameras are fun too).

[via Hypebeast]