MOTOACTV Fitness Tracker To Debut In U.K. On December 1

Fitness fanatics in the U.K. will soon have another gadget to aid them in their quest for physical supremacy: Motorola has just announced that their MOTOACTV fitness tracker will hit stores on December 1.

The MOTOACTV was overshadowed a bit since it first appeared alongside the Droid RAZR, but it’s a fairly nifty device in its own right. If you’re not familiar with the ACTV, think of it as an Android-based amalgamation of an iPod nano and Sony Ericsson’s ill-fated LiveView.

On top of being able to track workouts, the MOTOACTV can sync with newer Motorola smartphones to display notifications on your wrist, and it sports 8GB of internal flash storage for all those carefully-culled playlists. As a (lousy) runner, the MOTOACTV’s smart music player seems like an especially clever twist: it can determine what songs users tend to listen to when they go all out, and stick those tracks in their own playlist.

Motorola has teamed up with British sports retailer Sweatshop to bring the MOTOACTV to the UK, but those looking to harness the power of Android to support their workouts better start saving up. The MOTOACTV is set to debut with a £249.99 ($390.50) price tag, so only serious workout fans need apply.