Erly’s Collections Becomes A One Stop Shop To Create An Online Presence For Events

Erly, a Kleiner Perkins-backed startup in the social ‘experience’ space that co-founded by Hulu CTO and former Kleiner partner Eric Feng, is renaming its first product Collections (which was similar to an ‘ for events’) to Events.

As we explained in our initial coverage of Collections, the application is a place to house all the content around a given experience. It’s sort of like a next generation photo album, but with more than just photos.

Users can aggregate and share content, build an album of photos, links, updates, and more. You can import content from other social services including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Picasa, Flickr, and Instagram.

In October, Erly updated Collections to be more focused on events, allowing users to creaye a permanent landing page for any event they want to remember. With today’s update; Erly is allowing users to create an invitation to an event, establish an event microsite and collect photos, videos, and stories from guests after the event in one place.

Users can invite people to an event by emailing or posting link to an Event page on Facebook or Twitter or elsewhere. Guests can then click on the link to access details about the Event and RSVP. And Erly can email custom invites to a specific list of guests.

At any time, guests can add photos, videos, text, and links to the album for an Event. Erly’s new slogan for Events is “The easiest way to build a beautiful webpage for your event” and the startup said that the inspiration for the newest version of the product was creating an Evite you could revisit and “live in” (instead of using purely “transactionally”).